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March 18th, 2010

With the evolution of technology used alloy

wheels have a place within today’s market.

Vehicle Wheels – A Progression From Steel To Alloy.

During the evolution of mechanically propelled vehicles namely Cars,Trucks and Bikes Etc , most came with a pressed “steel wheel” as standard.

This as the name suggests is a wheel manufactured solely of steel the process would include the casting / pressing of the wheels from a steel based compound .

The benefits of this to the manufacturer were very plain and simple this was a product that was very strong and robust being able to stand up to the abuse generated by the modern user and could be mass produced very cheaply,

A disadvantage to the end user was that “steel wheels” tended to be very heavy and cumbersome inhibiting performance as we know it today and increased fuel consumption.

The Introduction Of Alloy.

As technologies advanced manufacturers attempted to provide vehicles that were Faster,Stronger and Lighter in construction and to do this the basic production materials needed to change.

Alloy is a compound produced from aluminium or magnesium or a combination of both, this brought many benefits with it to include

  • Lighter material with very little compromise in strength.
  • A very good conductor of heat allowing for enhanced performance at the upper end of the market.
  • Aesthetically pleasing to the eye.
  • Mass reduction allowing for better fuel consumption.
  • Generally corrosion resistant.

As the vehicle sales arena progressed it was common  practise that an “Alloy Wheel” would be offered as an optional extra on the mid to upper end spectrum vehicles, but as sales have become more competitive most modern vehicles will be fitted with an “Alloy Wheel” of some description as standard.

Always purchase used alloy wheels from a known source

if possible.

Alloy Wheels have become very iconic and certain models can be very ornate in design offering a personalised and custom finish to a vehicle, and as you would expect an accessory like this can carry a significant price tag.

The very essence of this alone produces a vast market for “Used Alloy Wheels” however prior to making a second hand purchase you need to be aware of certain things.

Used Alloy Wheels-The Pros And Cons.

As Alloy Wheels have become iconic and for many young car enthusiasts its the 1st purchase in customizing a vehicle therefore budget likely plays a significant part, should you choose to make a second hand purchase be aware that you will never know the full history of the wheel and significant impact damage can be repaired to and exceptional standard.Inspect the outer and inner rims for stress fractures or signs of impact or repair.

Buckled Or Cracked Alloys.

If a wheel has been buckled or cracked you could expect to experience some of the following

  • Wear and Tear on your Car’s Suspension.
  • Vibration through the steering.
  • Deteriorating tread on tyres.
  • Similar to shocks and steering rack.

If you don’t want to buy used alloy wheels another cost effective option would be replica alloy wheels.

Always carry out an inspection with due diligence and as much research as possible prior to making a second hand purchase or obtaining Used Alloy Wheels.

If you are not careful in your inspection of used alloy wheels you are in danger of buying problematic wheels.

Whether the rimes are new or used alloy wheels safety should always come first.

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